Now people pay attention to personality two words, personality two characters reflected in all aspects, such as small calendar calendar


Whether enterprises or individuals, hope that their own custom calendar calendar can be unique, leaving people refreshing feeling, therefore, Ji'nan calendar calendar factory will personalized calendar, calendar printing skills summarized as follows, I hope to help you.


First, font problems


1, some font library describes different methods strokes overlapping output will share carefully through the stack


2, English contains special characters in the text of the paragraph is prone to problems such as "- @ *," etc..


3, using the new standard GBK font to solve the problem of lost rare.


4, too fine font is best not to use more than 3 color mixing, such as C10M30Y80, similarly, also does not apply to the dark bottom anti white words.


Two, gradual problem


1, the common problem is this, such as red to black gradient, set the error, M100 = K100, the middle will be ugly, the correct settings should be like this, M100 = M100K100, careful analysis will understand, other circumstances analogy.


2, transparent gradient is applicable to the network graph, gray image can also be finished, but the output can not be used, because the space for mixed mode RGB screen printing CMYK with mixed color difference is too big. Careful attention.



Don't change 3, the black is too low, such as 5% black, because the output is less than 10% black overprint options, alternative black is usually used instead of overprint, lead to problems, also, the use of pure black light also have to be careful.


Three, picture problems


1, on the PSD file, there is one point to note, that is, you import it, do not do any destructive work, such as rotation, mirror, tilt, etc., because of its transparent mask relationship, the output of a broken map.


2, or mask used in CorelDRAW must be careful, when necessary, should take "is placed in the container" insurance comparison method.


3, resolution and re sampling, do not do this in Corel, "conversion to bitmap" is indeed convenient, but the loss is the color restore, to professional point, in the PS good to bring.


Waterless calendar printing is a lithographic offset printing technology, which does not use the traditional lithographic offset printing fluid necessary for the use of a special silicone coating plate, special ink and calendar printing machine on a strict temperature control system.


In waterless calendar printing, the calendar printing process has become a simple mechanical process from the use of isopropyl alcohol or other dampening liquid chemical process. Calendar printing operators do not need to adjust ink and water balance relationship


Must all the absolute calendar printing system is a temperature range of the ink transferred to the printing plate, which has the advantages of environmental protection, calendar printing color saturation, printing range, calendar printing time to save 40% and many other advantages.


At the same time, the price of raw materials continues to rise, the fierce competition of peers, is pushing the calendar printing enterprises in consumer technology to high-end, diversified development. Technological innovation has become an important way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also an important way to promote the promotion of calendar printing industry.


Ji'nan printing plant takes the new technology to differentiate competition, "enterprises need to use waterless calendar printing technology to obtain efficiency than advantage, better differentiation benefit.".


But because of the calendar, printing machinery, ink, paper quality and other elements of disturbance, so that this technology has not been really applied.


It is indicated that technological innovation is the basic way for enterprises to acquire technological ability and improve their competitiveness. At present, with the gradual restriction of enterprise restriction factors, the enterprise resolution once again explores the use of this technology to achieve synchronization with the world advanced calendar printing technology.


According to the introduction, waterless environmental protection calendar printing may become another new selling point and competitiveness of enterprises.


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