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Exquisite desk calendar in the era of rapid development of the Internet, has transformed from daily goods to a gift. This change benefits from the desk calendar as a propaganda carrier, with low cost, wide dissemination, long duration, good selectivity and so on. It is a very good marketing tool with a very good performance to price ratio of 1. Especially for clothing enterprises, this can be regarded as a good way to publicize the company, contact the old customers and enhance the company's impression. It should be the marketing tool for the first 1 of the clothing enterprises at the end of the year!


Free design

1济南台历定制厂家本起免费套版 ,20000国内一线设计师在线服务,量身打造2-3套设计方案,任您挑选。无条件修改,让您终满意。

1 the professional free Taoban, 20000 domestic first-line professional designers of online services, tailored 2-3 sets of design proposals, as you choose. Unconditional amendment to your final satisfaction.



Intimate after-sales


Professional and enthusiastic customer service customer service team: 7 * 16 hours online service, fast speed, professional and enthusiastic to answer your every question or problem, 14 years of professional experience in custom, if you have any questions on the quality of products, we have no reason to free to reprint.


Top 1 printing


The world's top 1 end printing equipment imports Heidelberg four color and six color printing presses, HP Indigo professional printing presses, high fidelity output, the whole process of digital control, to ensure that the details, color accurate.


Quality assurance


100% genuine guarantee, 30 days no reason to return. Pure Sheng printing products, such as quality problems, can be all free reprint shipments, related costs from pure Sheng gift for you.

印刷制造产品包括:各种中高档宣纸双月历,卡纸UV烫银月历挂历,艺术卡纸透雕台历,水晶架台历,纸架皮架时尚台历,商务记事台历周历,带便签周历,金洎UV福字吊牌, 新型牛皮纸福字吊牌,礼品记事本,活页平装皮面记事本,大班台垫,各种利是封,各种纸品彩印等.

Printing manufacturing products include: all kinds of high-grade paper cardboard UV hot silver double calendar, calendar calendar, art cardboard engraved calendar, crystal frame calendar, paper holder leather frame fashion calendar, calendar notes business week calendar, with notes by day of the week, Kim Ji UV "model" hanging tag, kraft paper cards, gift leather notebook, a paperback notebook, desk pad, a variety of red packets, all kinds of color printing paper products.


Three, exquisite print quality gifts to enhance the degree of goodwill


Everyone in gift giving, but also pay attention to the gift of knowledge. In the attitude of modesty and compliments from be neither humble nor pushy in action, called; to play, namely; in speech, enthusiastic pleasant, like endorsement; in the etiquette, familiar than Kan Xiang Jin Zhengkun, Li Jun. In a word, the process of giving a gift is actually a process of advertising. It seems to be small but of great significance.


Two, personalized creativity with added value favored


If companies are only to their products in a beautiful picture format displayed on the desk calendar, it is estimated that it is difficult to stand out among many peers. In character printing experts last customer orders, we found some unique creative calendar, worth learning. Such as: practical small knowledge desk calendar, a restaurant on the desk calendar recommended 12 signs dishes and practices, and noted each solar regimen diet focus. Practical and thoughtful, how can I not collect it and understand it slowly?

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