Printing is everywhere, but the common color printing color how to sort, so that printing effect is better, then Jinan Printing Factory album printing experts to bring you a few solutions:
1. organize the color sequence according to the content and characteristics of the manuscript. Printing is a way of embodying layout planning, and each color reflects different emotional components. Therefore, the organization of color order must first consider the content and characteristics of the manuscript. When editing the layout of an image, the editor usually chooses the tone of the layout color. This tone represents the overall feeling of all colors and becomes the dominant color when printing. In terms of color, red, orange and yellow are called warm colors, while green and blue are called cold colors. Because the ink has a concealment force of the elements, usually the warm tone based on the first black, blue, then printed magenta, yellow; to cool the prints based on the first magenta, then printed cyan. Everyone expects the ripe watermelon pulp to be red, and they don't want to see the print showing purple and green. Color sequence is different, and color deviation is also different. Therefore, the color of the screen needs to be strengthened, and it can be placed in the final one color printing.
2. organize the color sequence according to the clarity of the ink. Good brightness of the ink, two-color overlay, the color of the ink layer below can penetrate the ink layer above, to achieve better color mixing, showing the correct new color. If the yellow ink is yellow, the four kinds of ink are: Yellow > magenta > Green > black. Generally speaking, the ink with good clarity is printed first and the bright ink is printed.


3. organize color sequences from overprinting. Because of the objective shortcomings of paper deformation and elasticity, we can organize the primary colors of the prints with higher overprint requirements into two adjacent color groups for printing. For example, two-color machine, can be organized in the same machine at the end of a printing, to avoid the existence of paper due to the elasticity of the paper and other questions. Large areas of the field can organize post printing to avoid problems such as rubbing and dirty in the process of paper replacement. In addition, the monochrome machine is the first color "dry" after the second color, and the multi-color machine is the "wet press wet" process, so should control the viscosity of the ink and the amount of ink. That is to say, the ink with high tissue viscosity is printed first and the ink with low viscosity is printed afterwards, which is very important, otherwise it will constitute the drawback of reverse overprinting.
4. think about the color sequence of paper properties. Poor quality paper, think of its whiteness, low smoothness, fiber slack, poor ink absorption, easy to lose powder and hair, can print yellow ink to make up for the above shortcomings of paper. When printing at night, because of the human eye's distinguishing ability, the low brightness of the weak color ink should not be organized in the top color printing. The order of brightness of the ink is: white, yellow, orange, green, green, red, blue and purple.
5. think about process elements such as plate making. When printing, the difference between the two adjacent color groups is at least 30 degrees, which is beneficial to avoid color deviation and tortoise lines.
6. think about the arrangement of colors according to the cost. Cheap black and blue ink, high price magenta and yellow ink. Usually the landscape is dominated by a large area of scenery (cold tone is the keynote), with black, magenta, green and yellow as the preface. Black tissue is printed first and black is used for plotting contour so as to facilitate other kinds of overprint. The final printing of the bright yellow can be used to adjust the brightness of all the pictures to form shiny and bright colors. Usually the character oriented picture (warm tone) is selected from black, green, magenta and yellow. Ink with poor clarity will be printed first, and other colors will not be concealed. Fuchsin and Huang Houyin make the faces of the characters ruddy and colorful. Color printing, Ji'nan pictorial Printing is a combination of skills and art. When we organize and print color sequence, we can make the print more artistic appeal and satisfy the readers'needs by thinking from the artistic point of view.
The above is the introduction of the color of the print. Do you understand? Want to know more content, you can pay attention to our website, there are more professional knowledge on the site!

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