Mass customization is born in the new retail place, from the end of traditional manufacturing transformation, popular in the mouth of consumption upgrade. Its booming trend, starting between e-commerce, hovering above the intelligent manufacturing, eventually become king of the wind.


In just a few years, new retail and new manufacturing have triggered a trillion grade tuyere in printing and packaging industry.


Dikema homestead standard personalized color scheme


For printing enterprises to solve the problem of spot color ink deployment


Dikema series of spot color inks using homestead, modern high-tech professional equipment deployment, the criterion is less than 1, the product fineness of fine grinding after less than 5 microns. Save more than 30% of the procurement cost, easy to solve your spot color deployment problem.


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New retail pry open bulk custom tuyere


Since Jack Ma first put forward the new retail concept a year ago, the concept of leveraging 30 trillion GDP has focused on the keen eyes of all walks of life. But for the printing and packaging industry, the new retail officially announced the arrival of mass customization printing and packaging spring.


The three basic features of new retailing include "new production, new circulation and new sales"". In short, the new production is personalized, customized logistics; new elimination of inventory, reduce stock; new sales mainly refers to the connotation of first single reproduction. All of these are related to mass customization, printing and packaging.


In a word, in the next ten years, the main features of printing and packaging will be intelligent, personalized, customized and standardized.



Six features of air outlet for mass customization


The so-called "wind comes from the end of the green duckweed" determines whether the tuyere of the mass customization printing and packing is coming or not has its symptoms. The following six signs are enough to ignite the industry's passion for mass customization.


Procter & Gamble, Unilever and other chemical giants began mass and end to end services

近年来,宝洁一直在向电商营销扩展。目前,宝洁中国电商渠道的销售占比在2015年已增至19%, 2020年很有可能达到32%。

In recent years, Procter & Gamble has been extended to the electricity supplier marketing. At present, Procter & Gamble sales channels of China's electricity share in 2015 has increased to 19%, 2020 is likely to reach 32%.

现在,宝洁通过运用商家电商直供装SIOC (ship in own container)策略,让产品从生产线出来到消费者手上,不需要再进行二次包装 ,大大提升了库存周转的速度,也意味着宝洁订单批量化成为大趋势。

Now, through the use of the business electricity supplier for Procter & gamble with SIOC (ship in own container) strategy, make the product from the production line to the hands of consumers, do not need to carry out the two package, greatly enhance the inventory turnover rate, also means that P & G bulk orders have become the trend.


In the first half of this year, Procter & Gamble electricity supplier channel sales in the quarter increased by about 60%, so that the cosmetics giant in one fell swoop to reverse the decline for four years.


The upgrading of consumption gives birth to personalized food and beverage customization


The middle class in pursuit of the real thing, small and exquisite products, up workers tend to add physical fitness, enhance vitality, to stay up to minimize the harm etc.. Young women are more concerned about body and appearance, and they are good for skin and physiology. Sports enthusiasts like low sugar, low calorie, but nutrient rich products, quickly increase the energy consumption of exercise.


As a result, customization has become a major trend in the food and beverage industry.


Under the strong impact of the electricity supplier, the Canton Fair orders are getting smaller and smaller


According to China's Ministry of Commerce statistics, in 2015, China's import and export trade amounted to 4 trillion, of which 30%-50% inquiries come from small and medium-sized orders, the global trade orders fragmentation trend is more and more obvious. Canton Fair site orders, and some hundreds of pieces, and dozens of pieces, and some even only a few pieces!


New brand blowout and explosion products popular push batch


In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, WeChat marketing, community marketing era, new brands show blowout potential. The next ten years will be the golden age of consumption upgrade, will be a comprehensive brand update in the field of subdivision and new scene, so any category will produce new brands.


Colleges and universities are adjusting their majors


In 2016, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Dongguan Career Technical College, Zhongshan college and the torch "technology and design" is dedicated to the future of professional packaging brand outbreak "planning and design" professional packaging, the difference between the two words, popularity is turn the world upside down.


Digital printing machine explosion sale


According to the Japan Institute of economic statistics and prediction: in 2016 the global digital printing machine sales will reach 76 thousand and 400 units, an increase of 7.3%. In 2015~2019, the global digital printing machine sales will increase year by year with a CAGR of 7.2%, and will grow to 94 thousand units by 2019.


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