Notes on the use of printing and composites:


1, for printing film material must choose printing level, printing grade film thickness is uniform, roll tightness is moderate, printing adaptability is good, can improve overprint accuracy.


2, for the film with the lotus leaf can not be used directly, or re roll, or cut into narrow materials to use, eliminating the lotus leaf to use.


If the film is cut or rolled on an unstable slitting machine, it will change the tension balance of the film and directly affect the overprint stability in the printing process. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the slitter with stable tension.



3, the width of the roller and the width of the film should be matched, and the effective width and hardness of the press roll of each color seat should be consistent as far as possible, in order to obtain stable overprint effect.


4, printing NY substrate, workshop humidity more than 75% on overprint greatly affected, if not to the printing workshop dehumidification treatment, don't print NY substrate in high humidity environment. In addition, because NY is easy to absorb moisture and deformation, even if the printing condition is satisfied, the material can not be unpacked ahead of time.


5, coating treatment of the film, to select the appropriate pressure roller, the treated film will be more slippery than the original material or astringent, roller selection is not appropriate, will affect the overprint, in addition to the tension parameters should be targeted adjustments.


6, many adverse factors affect overprinter, a roll of material may not find the reason in a bad printing printing machine and other printing patterns may consider converting orders can also be changed to another machine, sometimes also can avoid the volume of materials for overprinter benign situation and can not use.


Similarly, if a roll of material is always bad but overprinter, no cause, no abnormal phenomenon of the material directly, but have a roll of the same specification material, sometimes also can solve the problem of poor overprint experienced captain, usually do such adjustment, cannot be judged in response to abnormal overprint.


7, the width of the width of the printing machine effective use of the width of the ratio should not be too large or too small, the general use of the machine effective width of 45%~90%, overprint effect is ideal.


8, because of raw material on the bottom roll paper core, there may be wrinkles or rolling bad, will bring bad printing volume at the end of material, then can not continue to use, to instant cutting roll changing.


9, the printing material must be determined before use, and its surface wetting tension is within the standard range of use.


10, the material should be measured before the thermal shrinkage between them, the difference should be as small as possible, so as to avoid sterilization processing due to inconsistent shrinkage caused curling wrinkles. Generally, the probability of curling is minimum when the difference of heat shrinkage is 0.03%.


11, boiling, semi high temperature, high temperature cooking bag of heat sealing material is very different, Guan Jian, especially RCPP and SCPP should pay special attention to the use of selection.


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